Monday, September 13, 2010

Meet Our Associates

As our mission statement says, GWCC is all about artists, craftsmen, designers, jewelers, and organic growers working together to promote excellence in handmade/handcrafted and homegrown products.

So, along with the artists who are being featured in our trunk show, An Artful Affair, later this month, we'll also have some wonderful associates joining us with their wares. It's all part of the enchanting experience we hope to provide you with on our special day.

Marlene Melego of Marlene's Baked Goods: join us for tea and some delightful delectables from Marlene's kitchen. How can you turn down homemade biscotti?

Sue McLaughlin of Glencross Farm Soaps and Sundries: Sue will be offering her elegant handmade bar soaps, formulated to pamper you in the most delicious and fragrant way possible.

Mike Iwinski of White Eagle Salon: in his in-home salon, Mike and his wife Kathi put 15 years of hair-care experience into an organic, all natural custom-made haircare line that brings out the best in your hair.

Bob Loncharich: Bob brings us kindling cut from old pallets, nicely bundled for storing next to your fireplace or for taking along for your s'mores treats by the campfire. Perfect for Fall!

Please join us on the 25th and treat yourself to an afternoon full of art, tasty treats, and fun. Remember, this is not your usual fare!

*Full information on An Artful Affair can be found in the sidebar to the right.

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